Emotions, Ideologies and Violent Political Mobilization

Emotions such as anger, resentment and fear do play a big role in explaining why people take up arms (well, and do many other things in “ordinary” life). Ideologies too are often invoked as a motive for action: Banners of different colors are often inextricably linked to rebellions, and are certainly a powerful driver of all […]

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Political Parties and Foreign Policy: a couple of workshops

The debate in comparative politics, international relations, and (even more surprisingly), in Foreign Policy Analysis, has devoted limited attention to the role of political parties in foreign and security policy. A recent wave of studies has tried … [Continue reading]

Culture, interests, multidimensional threats, and Italian defence policy

We are pleased to talk about a paper that has been just published on the Italian Review of Political Science. The article, which is part of an interesting Special Issue on Italian foreign policy, focuses on the Italian military post-Cold War … [Continue reading]

Il caso F35. Una prospettiva diversa.

I temi della Difesa sono spesso relegati agli angoli dalla discussione pubblica in Italia. Gli approfondimenti sono tendenzialmente scarsi e il livello complessivo di attenzione di media e opinione pubblica è generalmente limitato. Eventi drammatici, … [Continue reading]

No time for Uncertainty. The European Defense and Security in the Time of Terror: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities

We are organizing a panel at the next SGRI conference (Trento, June 29-July 1). As reported in there website: The annual SGRI Conference is an opportunity for scholars throughout Italy to come together and discuss topics that are relevant to … [Continue reading]

Workshop “Conflitti e instabilità in Nord Africa e Sahel. Il rapporto tra crimine organizzato, terrorismo e sovranità”

Segnaliamo questo interessante workshop organizzato al Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche (DISPO) dell'Università di Genova. Il Seminario si svolgerà mercoledì 12 Aprile 2017 16-18 (Aula 19).  Qui trovate altre informazioni sull'evento. Il … [Continue reading]