Top 5 – Summer reads 2015

Venus in Arms goes on holiday. In August we will do some important field research (in front of the sea…). But don’t’ worry. Also this year we provide you a Top 5 of Summer Reads:

  1.  Matthew A. Baum and Philip B. K. Potter, “War and Democratic Constraint: How the Public Influences Foreign Policy“, Princeton University Press, 2015.
  2. (if you missed it) Lawrence Freedman, “Strategy. A History“, Oxford University Press, 2013.
  3. Stefano Recchia, “Reassuring the Reluctant Warriors: U.S. Civil-Military Relations and Multilateral Intervention“, Cornell University Press, 2015.
  4. (some advertisement) Fabrizio Coticchia and Francesco.N. Moro, “The Transformation of Italian Armed Forces in Comparative Perspective. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome?“, Ashgate, 2015.
  5. Giuseppe Rossi, (with Alessandra Bocci), “A modo mio (My way)“, Mondadori 2014.

See you soon…

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