Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 82 “Political Science and Star Wars”

Honoring Star Wars – The Force Awakens, here below our Top 5 of recent IR/Political Science articles on this great saga.

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson and Charli Carpenter have announced an International Studies Association 2016 Conference panel on Star Wars. They seek “paper abstracts examining the relationship between the Star Wars franchise and socio-political dynamics in the area of international security”.

Dan Drezner has illustrated how the Rebel Alliance’s victory in the Battle of Endor “was a catastrophic success”.

In another brilliant post Drezner had already expressed his concern about how the “Star Wars” narrative explicitly addresses politics. A lot of politics (as in the most recent movies) is not per se a recipe for success.

Here you’ll find a compressive list of analyses and papers by political scientists on Star Wars. Indeed, a “significant number of political scientists are nerds or geeks”. Therefore, the intersection of politics and speculative fiction proves irresistible.

Finally, one of the most famous example of such connection between political science and Star Wars. The neo-con Bill Kristol tried to Defend the Galactic Empire. Here a funny report.

As we say in Italy, “ci vediamo al cinema”….

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