22nd International conference on Intelligence in the Knowledge Society 2016

Guest Post by Davide Barbieri*


New terrorist organizations, rogue states, almost unpredictable migration flows and new cyber security threats are the issues which will be addressed at the 22nd International Conference on Intelligence in the Knowledge Society which will take place in Bucharest this year, on the 13th-14th October.

Here you’ll find additional info on the conference

The Romanian Intelligence Academy “Mihai Viteazul” is taking care of the organization. Several panels – chaired by international academics and intelligence experts – will cover the different topics.

The main framework of the conference will be – as always – extremely interdisciplinary, with scholars coming from different backgrounds like political and social sciences, behavioral sciences, medicine, mathematics and information technology. In particular, since this is my field, I think that the intelligence community should evaluate how and if IT will be able to empower them and help analysts to overcome their cognitive limits, in order to make the most out of the available data, in an efficient way. Terrorist and criminal organizations will certainly do.

*Davide Barbieri, PhD, is a data mining and intelligence analysis expert at Link Campus University, Rome (Italy) where he currently teaches at the Master in Intelligence and Security.


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