Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 93

The world according to Trump”, inevitable reading after the Super-Tuesday that consolidated Trump’s leadership in the Republican field.

Among the many issues the next US President will face, there is one the current Administration did not fully address (notwithstanding the initial promises): the prison in Guantanamo. Cato Institute’s Ben Friedman reflects on what is at stake.

The FBI vs. Apple controversy has been making the headlines for a few days. It is a great case for arguing that the perimeter of “security” (including security studies) is nowadays very difficult to define. For those who want to look at the issue without delving too much into technicalities, a comic is possibly the best way.

We often presented articles on the evolution of robotics and AI and its consequences on the battlefield. Ethical issues associated with drone warfare are the subject of Scott Shane’s book “Objective Troy: A Terrorist, a President and the Rise of the Drone” (Bantam 2015), reviewed in the London Review of Books.

Finally, videogames have been increasingly realistic and able to depict contemporary war-making. The release of Tom Clancy’s The Division adds to war gaming on a new battlefield: an anarchic New York City (read, watch and then compare it with scenes from The Dark Knight Rises).





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