Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 81

Britain last week joined the coalition in Syria, after a favourable parliamentary vote. On Kingsofwar, some thought on the rationale, and wisdom, of British intervention.

In the meanwhile, SecDef Carter announced that the last barriers will be removed to women in the armed forces. A survey shows that the rank-and-file is sceptical about the measure.

Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor to President Clinton, died at the age of 70. These are a few pages of an oral memoir, discussing some of the major foreign policy crises faced in the 90s, from the crisis of the Mexican peso to Kosovo.

This is an Italian blog, and there is news in Italian defence policy this week. The first  F-35 Lightning II has been delivered to the Italian Air Force, assembled in Italy. More are to come, although the number has been cut by more than half since the original planning (more news in Italian, here).

Maps are an important part of how the images of the world. This Burmese map challenges our conventional view of cartography, and the world.



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