“Anglo-American Civilization and the Dynamics of Globalization”

Venus is pleased to announce that Professor Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University) will be the speaker of the next Max Weber lecture at the European University Institute – EUI (tomorrow, Wednesday 9th at 5 pm, Fiesole).

The Speaker will be introduced by Ulrich Krotz, RSCAS, and the session chaired by Nadav Kedem.

Here below the description of the seminar, whose title is “Anglo-American Civilization and the Dynamics of Globalization

Civilizations imbue contemporary world politics with pluralism, plurality and multiplicities that must be central in our analyses. Anglo-America and other civilizational communities encompassing nation-states are marked by balances of practice and power in areas as diverse as law, popular culture and finance. They point to a future full of surprises and contaminated cosmopolitanisms rather than recurrent realist and liberal sameness.

Here all the details on the event (registration, venue, etc.)

Here the list of the Max Weber Seminars

See you there



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The American Way of Bombing

We are pleased to present one of the best books of 2014, “The American Way of Bombing. Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from Flying Fortresses to Drones“, edited by  Matthew  Evangelista and Henry  Shue (Cornell University Press 2014).

Here you’ll find the details of the book, which brings together prominent military historians, practitioners, civilian and military legal experts, political scientists, philosophers, and anthropologists to explore the evolution of ethical and legal norms governing air warfare.

Here  you’ll find contents and contributors.

Some reviews of the book are available here.

As reported by the official website of the Cornell University Press: “Focusing primarily on the United States—as the world’s preeminent military power and the one most frequently engaged in air warfare, its practice has influenced normative change in this domain, and will continue to do so—the authors address such topics as firebombing of cities during World War II; the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the deployment of airpower in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya; and the use of unmanned drones for surveillance and attacks on suspected terrorists in Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and elsewhere“.

We recommend the book, especially for those interested in air warfare, legal and ethical issues, technology and contemporary conflicts.

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