IPSA 2016 – Politics in a World of Inequality

These are dramatic days for Turkey. The country is shocked by terrorist attacks, mounting political violence, and censorship. The results of the coming elections as well as the development of the Syrian war will surely affect the Turkish political scenario. Looking ahead, trying to provide an optimist perspective on that complex situation, we are pleased to talk about the next IPSA World Congress, which will be held in Istanbul, July 23-28 2016.

This year the main theme is “Politics in a World of Inequality”. Here you’ll find more details on the Congress theme.

Here you’ll find the Program Sessions and here the Open Panels. 

Please note that the deadline to submit a closed panel and paper proposal for the World Congress 2016 has been extended. You have until October 14 to submit your closed panel or paper proposals. Here you’ll find all the info for submitting a paper or a panel proposal.

Also Venus in Arms has submitted an abstract on political institutions and regime stability in new democracies.

We hope to see you there in July in a more peaceful Turkish and regional scenario…

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