Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 69

The migrant debate dominates in Italy, Europe, and elsewhere. Inflamed by hard-liners’ rhetoric, sensationalisms, it is tough to make sense of its many facets. No single piece can do, but starting with the “facts” (yes, we know, do ‘facts’ even exist? Let’s pretend) is always a good thing. The Council of Foreign Relations provides an informative background of the crisis, with numbers, key definitions of legal terms, a quick view of European states at the forefront of the crisis, and opinions on responses (or lack of) undertaken.

On the other side of the Atlantic, migration represents a hot topic, all the more so as primaries campaigns go on. The US-Mexican border will be the object of discord. Brookings’ Vanda Felbab-Brown provides an overview of the challenges ahead.

More traditional defense concerns keep playing a key role in the US. America is almost ready to assign a multi-billion dollars for the new Long Range Strike Bombers, which for about 550$ mln each should also have other capabilities (intelligence gathering, battle management, …).

The movie moment. Zero Dark Thirty attracted a lot of attention when it was released for its documentary style. It was by several observers considered as supportive the Obama administration’s storytelling of the events. The Atlantic’s Spencer Kornhaber argues that the officials who discussed with director and producers also received substantial material benefits for their help in the vivid reconstruction of the hunt.

The real battle of today though, at least as Venus in Arms is concerned, takes place tonight in Lille. No German tanks in the zone: Italy faces Lithuania in the quarter finals of EuroBasket. Follow live here. Or pay the money to listen to the legendary basket voice Flavio Tranquillo on SkyTv (which we did).

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