Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 22

This week out attention is still focused on the crises in Iraq and Syria.

The first suggestion is the detailed account provided by Air Force Times on the US air strikes in Syria. It was the first time the U.S. sent the F-22 Raptor into combat. Look also at Jane’s for the analysis of the ongoing military operation.

The crisis deeply involves several countries in the region. A relevant strategic actor is Turkey. Here the report on the clashes occurred at the Syria border. As stated in the article: “Turkey has begun to close some of its border crossings with Syria after about 130,000 Kurdish refugees entered the country over the weekend”.

In the meanwhile, two Chinese warships have docked at Iran’s principal naval port (Bandar Abbas) for the first time in history. According to The New York Times, the Iranian and Chinese Navies were scheduled to start joint exercises. The meeting was defined as a: “freindly visit”…

The situation in Libya is still dramatic unstable. Here you’ll find an interesting story on chemical weapons, international organizations and smuggling.

Finally, something completely different. Television and IR: Lost debuted 10 years ago (September 22, 2004). The (acclaimed and criticized) show, which represents a turning point for television series of our time, can be interpreted according to different paradigms of IR Theory (indeed Hume, Locke, Rousseau were among the main characters…). Venus in Arms is still thinking at a post on that…


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