“Nuclear Governance in a Changing World”

Venus in Arms is glad to present the 29th ISODARCO Winter Coursewhich will take place in Andalo (Trento – Italy), January 7-14, 2016.

Here you’ll find all the info on the course. Here you can apply online.

This year the title is “Nuclear Governance in a Changing World”.

In a previous post we’ve already talked about ISODARCO.

Here below the description of the course:

Seventy years after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and forty-five years after the entry into force of the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), nuclear weapons continue to pose a serious threat to global security. The aim of this Winter Course is to analyse some of the key issues which concern the presence and spread of nuclear weapons in the current international system, and thereby advance awareness and understanding on such critical and topical problems. The Course will cover issues including the perspectives on global and regional security, the 2015 NPT Review Conference, European security, South Asia, Iran and Israel’s nuclear programmes, Russia-US relations, the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, nuclear security, advanced conventional weapons and the future of deterrence, the role of civil society, and the contributions of the EU in promoting international security. Speakers include senior diplomats, academics and technical experts.

Here you’ll find info on the principal lectures.

The Director of the School is Carlo Schaerf (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy)
The directors of the Course are: Paolo Foradori (School of International Studies, University of Trento, Italy)  and
Tariq Rauf (SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

If you are interested, we hope you’ll enjoy the workshops (…and the skiing).


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