Intelligence in the Knowledge Society

Some interesting stuff in Romania. Here you’ll find the details of the forthcoming  international conference “Intelligence in the Knowledge Society“. The conference is organized by “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy through its National Institute for Intelligence Studies.

Here you’ll find the main topics in the agenda.

Several interesting studies on intelligence, risk assessment and terrorism have been scheduled.

Here below the description of the event in the official website:

The advent of the twenty-first century has had a profound impact on both society at large and on intelligence organizations. As the digital age advances and the nature of the threats faced by modern states evolved from the classical to the asymmetric, old methods, concepts and approaches have gradually become obsolete. Technological developments, new actors, social movements and the growing need for accountability have changed intelligence organizations beyond anything known at the end of the previous century. More and more, intelligence practice and theory have to adapt to quickly-evolving realities, to the need to manage knowledge on a previously-unseen scale and to the fact that the monopoly on information previously held by the state is being constantly eroded.  The twenty-first edition of our annual conference aims to elicit international, trans-disciplinary debates on the needs of and obstacles to be overcome by the intelligence theory and practice in the twenty-first century. Controversial topics, innovative solutions, best practices and challenges to be overcome will be addressed in an interactive manner by key note speakers and participants alike. Surveillance, cyber-warfare, migration and radicalization, tradecraft and analysis, as well as lessons learnt from history will be the topics panelists and speakers will engage with over two days of the 2015 edition of the IKS conference.

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