Political Parties and Foreign Policy: a couple of workshops

The debate in comparative politics, international relations, and (even more surprisingly), in Foreign Policy Analysis, has devoted limited attention to the role of political parties in foreign and security policy. A recent wave of studies has tried to address this gap, aiming to “bring political parties in” the debate ). However, systematic analyses on whether party politics makes a difference in foreign and security policies are still lacking.

Thus, it is worth noticing two upcoming workshops that focus on political parties and foreign policy.

The workshop “Party politics of foreign and security policy in Europe” will be held in the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (4-6 October 2017). This workshop, which has been organized by Wolfang Wagner and Tapio Raunio, deals with the issue of party politics in foreign affairs. Drawing together a group of international scholars, the workshop asks: does or should party politics really matter less in foreign affairs than in domestic policy?

Here you’ll find additional details on the seminar. Here the program of the workshop, with paper givers and abstracts.

The “NASP International Workshop on Political Parties and Foreign Policy” will be held in the University of Genoa (16 November 2017). The seminar, which has been organized by our Fabrizio Coticchia, will also celebrates retiring Professor Luciano Bardi.

Here you’ll find all the details on the events.

Venus in Arms will attend both the workshops. See you there.

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