Top 5 by Venus in Arms – Top of 2015 (week 84)

Here below “a special edition” of our Top5. For this last post of the year we provide the Top 5 of 2015 of movies, series, blogs, books, and papers (interpreted through the length of IR and political science). Obviously, a questionable rank.

  • TV Series: As last year, our choice is for “The Americans“. The third season has widely received critical acclaim. A fantastic script and incredible actors. Plus: the Soviets, Reagan, and the KGB. What else? “Open House” (3×3) is one the best episodes ever.
  • Blogs: We have decided to create Venus in Arms in order to emulate some excellent blogs on political science and international relations. Thus, we thank again The Monkey Cage for their wonderful job (especially this year, because some friends of us have provided their contributions to the blog).
  • Papers: “Over the last 25 years, there has been a noteworthy turn across major International Relations (IR) theories to include domestic politics and decision-making factors. […] These theoretical developments, however, have largely ignored decades of research in foreign policy analysis (FPA)”. Absolutely right. This article by Juliet Kaarbo (“A Foreign Policy Analysis Perspective on the Domestic Politics Turn in IR Theory”. International Studies Review, Vol17-2, 189-216) provides an excellent contribute to the current IR debate, finally devoting attention towards foreign policy analysis.
  • Books: Ok, (maybe) this is not the best book of 2015. But it is our book! So, self-promotion at the end of the year!!!


P.S. Some vacation for us (Venice/ Morocco). Happy New Year!

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