Top 5 by Venus in Arms – week 65 “A drone for the Summer”

Summer is coming, or better for many people holidays are coming. This year’s list of objects of desire, for private as well as military consumers (and more broadly government agencies), has definitely been topped by drones. Here, you can find a short video guide on how military drones work.

While everyone wants them, someone’s better at making them. Guess who? The US military is well ahead in the race, and still experimenting drones with long autonomy/flight range.

Even the Marine Corps, arguably the least attentive service to the latest technical wizardry, are testing its own stuff. With an eye to increase their ability to gather information in the field, the Marines are looking for hybrid and solar -powered vehicles.

Hybrid drones are not so much to improve environmental performance as for increased range. Popular mechanics features an article on the top flight hybrid drones.

Now, if you want to buy your own drone, check out this website. It’s hard not to get one, after. Good news is that you might still be able to have it delivered before leaving home.

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