XVIII Annual Conference of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP)

The annual meeting of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP) will be held in Perugia (11-13 September 2014). As stated by the official website: “The SISP Annual Meeting offers the opportunity to explore and discuss core issues, new theoretical and methodological perspectives and recent research results in political science

The conference is organized by the Department of Political Science of the University of Perugia and the Department of Human and Social Sciences of the University for Foreigners of Perugia.

Here you’ll find details on the full program.

The deadline for paper proposals is May 15, 2014.

The IR section, chaired by Emidio Diodato and Daniela Irrera, comprises several fascinating panels and a roundtable on Kenneth Waltz. Venus in Arms devotes a specific attention to the panels that focus on the following issues: intelligence and national interest, Italian foreign policy, rethinking strategy (a panel promoted by the Stratgroup, which collects Italian scholars working on security issues). A whole section focusing on Turkey is one of the main innovations of the conference.

You’ll find Venus in Arms at the panel 8.7 of the section: “Organized crime: Divergence and convergence in criminal organizations around the world”. As illustrated in the abstract:

This panel aims at exploring the varieties of organizational arrangements in illegal markets around the world, welcoming contributions on the determinants of the industrial organization of groups, comparative analyses on the internal governance of criminal organizations in relation with recruitment policies, division of labor, leadership turnover, resource management and redistribution. Additionally, contributions on the governance of illegal markets, and, in particular, on the institutionalization of cooperative mechanisms among different criminal groups both at national and transnational level will be welcome”.

If you have requests or want to send a proposal, you can write to Francesco Moro and Salvatore Sberna.

We hope to see you in Perugia!



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